Wednesday, July 6, 2011

She had two little eyelashes, one on each eye this just hanging on, almost as if it didn't want to be the last one, the sole survivor. It's about 4pm and I just noticed she has only one left, the left eyelash jumped ship, it tried to make it, but to no avail, it surrendered. There are some soft, tiny eyelashes right at the base of her lids, I cannot tell if they are going to last or if they too will fall.

"I hear they have a new Jeep" exclaimed Lindsey this morning as we left the hotel Encina to make our way up to the 4th floor. She was disappointed to hear that we were not going to the 5th floor, the location of this new jeep. We were able to make it here really early this morning at 7am. Being that this is a really LONG day, about 12 hours, it helps to make it here early so we can also leave earlier. We eventually moved to the 5th, so new jeep, but Lindsey and Sage and even Autumn for a moment were able to ride around in the old, but just as fun, jeep.

One of her favorite modes of transportation is riding ON the IV machine itself. She can really go just about anywhere in the hospital (minus the cafeteria) as long as she is attached. She always makes a someone giggle as she whooshes by on that thing! A way of experiencing in-utero in the outside world I suppose.

Having taken a variety of three drugs today, sweet little Autumn is worn out. She fell asleep about an hour ago and hasn't moved since. I cannot imagine what that must feel like, how crappy it must make her little body feel. She can't really explain what is going on however much we try to ask her. Whatever it is, it cannot be good but she is thankfully young enough that she is able to process everything one day at a time, really one moment at a time.

I can hardly believe we have been here for almost 10 hours already..if all goes well, we are going to Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow for a little treat!

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