Sunday, July 31, 2011

What a fun fiesta for Sage and Lindsey today! It’s amazing how exciting a bounce house can still be, even when the kids are 8 and 9! I guess one never really grows out of their enjoyment.  Autumn had a great time herself; she had a few friends her age which made her feel delightfully special. Birthdays can be challenging with siblings as there is always someone left out. Even though Autumn has been having her fair share of gifts over the past 5 months, the gifts for her sisters today made her feel a bit jealous (even though there were a few for her too!). She kept asking, “When can I open my gifts?”. Kids really do live in the moment, don’t they?

This week, as I mentioned, will be long and stinky. It is what it is and we will just need to move through it, day by day. Each week’s chemo has this sort of cumulative effect which Is something I had not anticipated. These days sweet Autumn seems to have a case of insatiable sniffles. She most certainly is not thrilled with it at all, one of those constant reminders that she somehow has to deal with something different in her life.

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