Saturday, July 9, 2011

We had a fabulously relaxing day yesterday after two very busy ones, it was refreshing! We sat by the pool at our hotel, ate a lot of ice cream and watched some TV, just what everyone needed! Later in the day Uncle Bob kindly offered to purchase a new Net Book for me so that I can continue to teach my online courses while in SB as well as other locations, it has been wonderful!! He promised to let me pay him back, month to month, thank you my dear sweet Uncle Bob!!!!

Last night we met cousin Ben and his beautiful wife Elizabeth traveling from Arizona as well as Uncle Adam, lovely Auntie Alma and her brother Carlos at a restaurant. The girls behaved for about 3 minutes and then began arguing about who's turn it was to sit next to Auntie Janet...oh the trials and tribulations of being a parent! Those issues seem so mundane, but they can escalate into huge, ridiculous fights that lead to lost privileges and sad moments. If only we could REMOVE that part of being a parent, can't we just all get along! We left a bit early to give the other adults a moment to have a conversation without all the raucous. Autumn was just so tired last night as well, her hemoglobin is fairly low and it really shows in her exhaustion sweet thing.

Today is baby Camila's birthday! We'll be there most of the day celebrating her first year. :)

Happy Saturday everyone!
Love, Autumn and her family

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