Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We had a good day yesterday, no big plans, just a slow summer day. We headed for McDonald’s to play on the play structure, something Autumn had requested. It’s a great place to play, not such a great place to eat unless of course you only order the apple slices and side salad…ha! A mecca for eating unhealthy, I know, but it sure is fun every so often.

It seemed as though everyone had a good time, however when we were about to leave, Sage and Lindsey informed me that the kids were running away from Autumn because she had told them she had cancer and they were afraid they would “catch” it if they came near her. Oh god, I became incredibly defensive, wanting nothing less than to teach those ignorant children a good lesson! I know, I know, how could they know, they are only kids after all. MY own kids may have done the same thing 6 months ago. But how could they NOT know? When you are knee deep in something so intense, one has a tendency to assume the whole world is along with you on your journey. I just felt terrible for her. Enough kids already ask her if she is a boy or a girl, she hears that one almost every day. If THAT doesn’t build character, what else can? She will be an amazing adult, wise beyond her years.

Particular chemos have various side effects, some more noticeable than others. She has been taking Vinchristine the past few weeks, fairly low on the totem pole of intensity, but chemo nonetheless. She began squeezing the tips of her fingers about 10 days ago, that area just above her fingernails. When I asked her why she was doing that, she told me that she “had to”…I assume that means it feels better. The Oncologist said that she can have neuropathy in her fingertips and it can cause a sensation that may be relieved by pressure. She has asked me to do it a few times, and sometimes when she is in a bad mood, I’ll try doing that to make her feel better.

Today we had a great day swimming with our friends Sarah, Anne, Lily and Rozy in Krista’s pool. Krista was kind enough to invite us to her house to share her beautiful pool with us, what a treat!

We love you all!!
Autumn and her family

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