Friday, September 2, 2011

Continuing to love this time with Autumn. Her cousins Frankie and Raquel are in town visiting from southern CA. They all have a blast together, is is remarkable to witness, I can almost visualize them as young adults sitting in their own living rooms, remembering their youth. My Aunt Lisa has been fabulous about making sure that they come to visit us on a regular basis over the years to instill a connection between the cousins that would not have otherwise been possible.

Grandpa spent some time this morning with sweet little Autumn bug for awhile, she loves her special time with him. :)

Autumn has to stay hydrated all the time, it has been challenging since she doesn't love to drink much of anything. My mom had purchased a Capri Sun that she just loved some time ago; she loved it so much that she drank most of the box in one day! I purchased 3 boxes the next day and from then on, she was a hydrated little drinker! Capri Sun...who knew?

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  1. Lucas and Alli started preschool this last week. Alli is in the toddler class with Mrs. Rachel teaching, and Lucas is in Miss. Lindsay's class. I saw Autumn's name on her cubby and felt both happy and sad at the same time. Poor thing has had to endure so much in her life already. We miss her and love her, and hope to see her soon! Hugs from Lucas and the rest of the Pulse Family!