Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn had another great day! We had to visit the hospital, the local one, which was a fairly painless process this time around. The blood draw was an attempt to determine the potential need for yet another transfusion. She narrowly escaped!

Hemo-6.7 (but didn’t change from Tues, perhaps going up!)
Platelets - 34K (need to be 75K for next chemo round)
WBC - 1.1

Hopefully we will have a great weekend! We are headed to LA to visit Adam, Alma and Camila, so sweet she is! My girls just love seeing their cousin; she’s like a little doll to them.

Autumn’s quote of the day:
“You have to get all of the “means” out, and then you won’t have any mean left”. Mean referring of course to “meanness”…not a bad idea! After a long discussion regarding “bad people”, Sage had said earlier that everyone has a little bad in them, and this was Autumn’s clever response.

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