Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn spent a lot of today with her grandpa Ken and grandma Nanie, she loves being with them and how wonderful that is! I began teaching a lab at Cal Poly today (terrible timing, but I felt I should try it!) and it went well enough! Weeds ecology with a ton of ag students, unlike anything I have taught before, so that will certainly make it an exciting quarter. 

Autumn seemed tired tonight, and went to bed early. We will be at the hospital tomorrow for a lab check and most likely another transfusion.  She’s a trooper and is really getting through this all.

Although it is much easier, lately is seems so strange to have moved a lot of our lab work to Sierra because we are a bit out of touch with the nurses and oncologists in SB. There is some kind of connection that you make with the people who are saving your daughter’s life and I’m not sure I was ready to give that up. Life is full of changes, LOTS of them, most of which are out of our control but that doesn’t stop us from trying!

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