Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The nurses came in last night to let Autumn know that she had been voted the Most Fun Patient of the Hospital, that was sweet and made her feel better. We had a good night last night, Aubrey was our nurse and was as quiet as she could be throughout the evening. Changing bags, taking blood pressure and temperature at various times makes it difficult to have a good night's sleep, but it's not forever!

Autumn wanted her nails painted yesterday, so we create a little nail salon for the afternoon. She has toes that look like pink cheetahs!

Autumn loves taking baths, today she ran naked down the hall. Well, sort of ran, as much as you can "run" when one is attched to a six legged machine on wheels! The nurses thought that was a riot, but she loved that bath, perhaps we'll take another one today just for fun! She is asleep now and seems to be doing well. During the night, she'll have to pee about 5 times due to the saline that she is constantly taking in, what seems like a few liters of water each day! That six legged friend will follow us to and from the bathroom throughout the night, unplug it, wrap it up, carry little bug to the bathroom, place the hat (to collect the pee), wipe, bring her back to bed, plug the machine back in the wall, hopefully fall back asleep. Memories of newborness are coming back...

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