Sunday, September 25, 2011

We have a fabulous weekend! Autumn, Lindsey and Sage had a sleepover at Nanie and grandpa’s house as they do every other weekend. I am so thankful to have them close; it has made the many transitions in our lives in the past year a lot less stressful.

Autumn has been feeling so well, I am ecstatic! I wasn’t sure how this recovery would go since the last one was so tough for her. It just goes to show you that you cannot really anticipate each week, it has been across the board!

My Uncle Bob and Aunt Janet teamed up this weekend in Chicago to have a garage sale fundraiser for Autumn, how sweet of them! Thank you Murphy’s and everyone else involved!!

Grandpa Ken & Nanie worked so hard sell so many of those orange bracelets that I have seen so many people wearing! The money that was donated was placed into her college account, what a treat (as any of who had to pay for college on their own knows!) that will be for her later on!

We wanted to mention the names of those who were so generous in donating their time and resources to helping SLO Fest to get bigger & better:

Doug Groshart Gannon Tidwell
Jason Fuller
Rope Eddy
Gary & Tom Caesar
Photographer Brian Long
Jeannine Palmer
Frank Sherfey
Brian Hanley
Tim Norian
Madison & Tucker Tracewell
Jackson Shaw
The JD Project
Truth About Seafood
BGA Productions
Kip Stork
Rocky Logue
Jody & Myles McCormick
Tad & Kim Edwards
Molly Tuttle
Mothers Tavern

All of our family members who helped in any way they could We also wanted to publicly thank all of those who made generous donations to Autumn:

Castle Rock Vineyards
Anthony Vineyards
Garza Contracting
Pacific Irrigation
GT Financial
Tracey Chance CPPI, Inc
Dan Drake Enterprises, LLC
Jims Supply Co., Inc.
Berchtold Equipment
Co. Kern Machinery
Hub International & the Caesar Family
Wallace Group
Prime Time
J.Belsher Creative
James Strachan
Rope & Vin Eddy
Timothy Norian
Chad & Stephanie Dempsey
Roger and Kulli Newton
Eric Bowman
Joseph Danna
Joelle Orton-Cartnal
Alfred Trudeau
Lisa Gonzalez
Teresa Campbell
Sarah Maggelet
Edward Maloney
Malea Rose Walker
Jason Bell
Jane SugstadBrian
Victoria Hanley
Max Flaming
Julia and Kevin Bricklin
Tim & Kathy Prestage
Peter & Raquel Ritt
Gannon Tidwell

All of this generosity has allowed for us to live a little more peacefully, it has allowed for Autumn to have some of those small pleasures in life! We cannot thank all of you enough for taking her into your hearts and loving her sweet little amazing self!!!

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