Monday, September 26, 2011

“I like laughing,” exclaimed Autumn this morning, “it takes all the yucky away!”
It could not have been better stated, I love that little brain of hers!

Autumn and her friend Kiki were staring at “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, one of my most favorite paintings. It was sort of an old, crummy copy, but there is hangs on the sullied wall in the small fish-bowl room at the Kreuzberg coffee lounge in SLO. The girls were giggling in amusement as they lay side by side on the soft pillows down below. “Why is the girl sitting so close to the edge?” one of them asked. To them, it seemed the girl in the painting would fall off the edge of the cliff she appeared to be balancing on while kissing the boy. It grabbed their attention for a good 3-4 minutes, quite a long time for a couple of 4 and 5 year olds!

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