Thursday, September 15, 2011

“No, no, I don’t want to go back there!”…cried Autumn moments after receiving the phone call this morning that we would have to again return to the hospital today. We had been earlier in the day to check her blood counts, decided she seemed so full of energy and so symptom free, why remain accessed? The nurse Lora removed the needle and we were on our way!

We happened to see the pediatrician at a local coffee shop where Autumn wanted to go and paint with her new kit. She was the one to deliver the bad news and Autumn yelled out, “why are those doctors so mean! I don’t like any of them”. Oh what will her view of them be when she grows up? After all, they are supposed to HELP us, but what she has experienced are the pokes, the medicine, the long days at the hospital, for what appears to her, an asymptomatic little girl. It’s a tough one to explain.

Autumn had both a hemoglobin and a platelet transfusion today, she is doing well and sleeping at the moment.

While I was at the hospital, some stopped us and said, “That little girl is very special, I can see it in her, I just had to stop to let you know.” I love how people can be so real in front of Autumn, how what she is going through has touched so many live. I cannot believe how much I have grown just watching her deal with all of this in her life.

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