Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was a long drive to Santa Barbara this morning, as anyone would guess, she absolutely hated the Barium-Banana shake, who could blame her? I tried just about everything to get her to drink what little she could, just to make the scan process as quick as possible. Not much went down, but it was enough to stain what needed to be illuminated.

Nurse Deborah had to take a bit of blood this morning to make sure her numbers were high enough (stable enough) to go for this round of chemo. They were good enough, so that just means that next week, all will plummet...ugh! But the chemo is doing it's job, that's what matters.

The playground of the mind can be a tortuous place, or it can be beautiful, I suppose it depends upon how much energy is given to any particular thought. That hour that we spent waiting for the results of the CT scan were rough, I believe I imagined every possible scenario, from finding a watermelon sized tumor to 12 in various locations, god that's ugly!

The good news...there was NOTHING on the CT scan, hooray!!!

We are now in our usual place on the fifth floor of Cottage. It's actually sort of nice to be back here in a familiar place, as we have been going to Sierra for the past month with fevers. It feels like we are back on track with the chemo schedule, hopefully not too much longer, I can almost taste it!

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  1. I cried (literally) when I read, "there was NOTHING on the CT scan!"
    I can't possibly express how happy we are to hear this news!
    And I can't tell you how many prayers are being said for Autumn -and the whole family because I know you are ALL going through this together- how many mantras said, candles lit, positive affirmations sent into the universe. I believe in covering ALL the bases, especially for such an important person, so we're doing it all.
    Please know that we're here with you, reading along every day. We don't comment frequently because we know how much you already have to do, and reading our "blah blah blah" shouldn't add to your load. But we wanted to say, "Yeah!" in response to the good news on the CT.
    Love to you all. And if you need ANYTHING please, don't hesitate to call.