Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Autumn has done so very well these past two weeks recovering from her intense chemo week. I just looked at the calendar and if all goes well, she may be seriously done with this in 10 weeks!!!!! I cannot believe it! I know, I know, one has to wait five long years to be considered “cured”, but at this point, living as though for ONE week will be so very nice.

We spent some time at the park today while Autumn flew around in her new skates, she loves them! It does seem as though we cannot go into any kid-like setting without someone’s child making a comment to her regarding her sexuality, who knew HAIR defined us so much! This boy was only about 6, very friendly, following Autumn everywhere in her skates. At one point she took a break to drink some juice and removed her helmet. Boy, this kid couldn’t stop asking questions at that point…and staring, poor Autumn just wanted her helmet back on! He went on about how she looked like a girl but seemed now like a boy..uuugh….grrrr..I know it’s life, but I swear, are we that uneducated about cancer? Maybe we shouldn’t be or maybe I’m just so sensitive that I cannot imagine life any other way. Either way, Autumn is a tough cookie, after hearing that 100 times, she has to have some thick skin!

I finally told the boy the whole drill about cancer and medicine and losing hair. He seemed somewhat interested. My last comment stated that in three months, she was going to begin to grow her hair, that it would look like his at first (short), then grow longer and longer until it grew past her butt. He laughed and laughed…who knew? Humor is a fabulous antidote!

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