Monday, September 12, 2011

I love the adoring fans that Autumn can collect throughout the day, it’s quite amazing! From little babies to grandparents, she delights them all!

We went to Morro Bay today in search of a good used cell phone. We ended up spending a few moments in the local coffee shop eating bagels while taking pleasure in the beautiful fall afternoon. Within a few minutes of seating ourselves, Autumn had a crowd! The first gentleman sat next to us, a longtime friend of the owners, wanted to ask Autumn all about herself, she loved it! The next two came along to do more of the same and within 5 minutes she had them all around her, conversing with each of them about various topics. Just before it was time to excuse ourselves, she wanted turned to each of them to invite them to her fiesta after all her chemo is done. How CUTE is that?!?!? Only a 4 year old could get away with something like that..ha! I reveled in her happiness, her cheerfulness, her ability to just live in the moment, it was grand!

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