Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn and I made a trip down to SB today for a shot of Vinchristine. It is as quick as a dose of chemo can be which is very helpful after a long day last week. She is doing so well and for that we are so very thankful!

A little girl was in the clinic today whom we had seen about 7 months ago. Back then, Autumn had hair and this little girl did not. Today it was reversed and it set off a sadness in the girl who was there. She took one look at Autumn and burst into tears, I felt awful. She must have had flashbacks of hell chemo and just didn’t know what to do with those emotions. Autumn really didn’t know what had happened; she just turned back and began playing with another little girl who was there with her brother. You have to wonder what these kids are thinking, what they are taking in. HOW the hell they trust adults or doctors after all they have been through? To them it seems that these crazy people give them medicine to make them lose their hair and feel like shit, how can that be seen as positive?

This evening we attended a Salsa fiesta at Sage and Lindsey’s school. Autumn ran around and had the time of her life. She was adorable!!

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