Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn has taken a liking to collecting all sorts of little organisms and then caring for them. As much as I feel for the habitat and family that the little critter is leaving behind, it is terribly sweet to see Autumn so loving with something so small. With two big sisters, she doesn’t have the opportunity to feel “big” as often as I know she would like to. I can imagine it is a form of self-therapy for her.

Earlier today, Autumn found an old Easter-egg sitting behind a bookshelf with some chocolate still inside. Autumn had offered me a piece and in hindsight I should have said no but I didn’t. I ate it right up and have been paying for it ever since, yuck! Remarkable those things that are blatant can be overlooked. I cannot tell you how the girls searched and searched for those eggs Easter morning 5 months ago. When the day was over, the search was over. It was as if there could be no more eggs anywhere. The possibility had vanished.

Chuck E Cheese, what a place for kids! I resisted going there for a long time, but once I saw how excited they were about the place, I caved. Nothing like spending $60 on a pile of junk made in China, but as I’ve learned, it’s the journey, not the destination, right?? I had promised Autumn we would go the last time we were in the hospital. Besides Disneyland, it’s her favorite place to go and the promise of a trip there worked wonders in the hospital, so why not?

Autumn had her blood drawn today and her numbers looked good enough to begin chemo on Thursday. This day will be a long one, perhaps 14 hours or so. We’ll get up really early to leave before 6 am or so. Moving on, so that’s good news for now!

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