Friday, October 28, 2011

The other day we were at Avila Bay Barn and a young boy, about 9 years old, walked up to Autumn and told her that he could “see her brain” and it “looked ugly”. Immediately Sage and Lindsey ran up to tell me the news and as you can imagine, I was furious. Ok, so perhaps I overreacted a bit, but I could hardly believe that someone would say that to her. Are kids really that cruel?? They know how much it hurts when someone doesn’t want to play with them at that age, let alone call them terrible names! I had to find that kid and give him a piece of my mind, I told him how terrible that made Autumn feel and how he had to apologize immediately. He squired and denied it all, but his friend gave him away and he soon caved with the threat of telling his mother. I can hardly believe how angry I felt at that moment, my stomach turned inside out.

A friend told me a story about a little boy who had cancer and was being in LA. The parents were so poor that they couldn’t even afford parking (in SB you do not have to pay for parking). They had to move their car from place to place every so often to avoid a costly ticket. While one is spending time in a hospital with a sick child, the thought of moving one’s car is hardly at the top of the priority list!! Consequently, their car was towed twice during the course of treatment. The worst part of the whole damn story is that their son died, he didn’t even get to go home with them, how cruel! I have so many tears running down my cheeks as I write this I can hardly stand it. Thinking of Autumn in her bed, what she has had to endure, and how terribly difficult it has been on so many levels. And to think that so many people have it so much harder than this. I just don’t understand how life can be so unfair????

I can only hope that we can make it through these next 8 weeks as well as we can! Autumn is so ready for something different and I don’t blame her one bit!!

Next week we are in for a blood check as her hemoglobin has still not returned to “normal” levels. If it drops any lower by Tuesday, then she’ll need another transfusion. If she looks good, then we will have to begin a week long chemo the following Monday the 7th. Minus the potential fevers, it will be the last full week we have to spend in the hospital, HOORAY!! There will still be more chemo, but not for a week long. I can hardly believe it, a marathon indeed!!!


  1. I am sorry for the rough day. Keep the faith! You, Autumn and your whole family are such an inspiration to the rest of us. God is on your side. <3<3 Sending prayers and thoughts your way.

    P.S. We got Autumn's thank you card, it was adorable.

  2. Hello! I am so terrible at this blog stuff that I can't find you very often so I wanted to say that I am thinking of you all and would like to put a teeny amount of money in Autumn's fund. How do I do that again (I told you I'm terrible at this)? Can you e mail me: ...

    Juliet, I think you did a brave and good thing by pointing out in no uncertain terms that what that boy did/said was totally unacceptable and I only wish more people could speak out. I'm just sorry that it was so hurtful and ignorant. That children even learn to be so mean is frightening, isn't it? Curiosity is one thing and cruelty is quite another. Love to you and PLEASE let me know how to deposit for Autumn. Lani