Thursday, October 27, 2011

Early this morning, we made our way down to SB. Autumn didn’t seem to upset about this particular journey partly because she knew later that afternoon we were going to visit her friend Daisy.

Nurse Pam met us at the clinic and with her sweet and patient self managed to move us in and out of there in about 40 minutes. I imagine what the nurses and doctors must think of all of this, none of them (in peds anyway) have had a child go through this, so everything they feel is through the eyes and ears of the patients. The chemo, what must that feel like?? I can tell that Autumn has funny little things that happen after particular types of chemo (remember she has 6 types she takes at various intervals). Overall, besides being really cranky at the surface, what the heck goes on under her skin???

I was thankful today was short. We met Kate and Daisy at Los Agaves on Milpas in SB, a great little restaurant! The girls spent the whole time chatting, hugging, and being as adorable as ever! Autumn really didn’t want to leave once it was time, their connection was powerful. The last time we saw Daisy, she had no hair and was finishing her second round of chemo…as her tumor came back 2 months after she finished it the first time. God, life doesn’t seem fair at times. She was doing well even then, and Autumn had all sorts of questions as she had just begun and hadn’t lost a strand of hair at that point. This time Autumn was the bald one and Daisy has the most adorable hair ever! Short still, but in a clip and she just looked happy!

You can imagine the questions I had for Kate, I could have spent a month talking to her. She was very open and honest and I appreciated every moment of our conversation!

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