Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Uncle Lloyd and his family drove up to our area yesterday to bring grandma to visit with the girls. It has been such a good time catching up with them and all of their travels, adventures and life experiences. They have lived all over the world including China and most recently Mongolia. As a family, they learn the new language of the area and have done quite well over the past three decades. They have had 9 children, three of whom are still living with them (ages 12, 13 and 16). I am sorry to say I have not kept in touch with them over the years!

Autumn wasn’t quite ready to begin chemo this week; therefore we will have her blood tested on Thursday and if all is well, then begin again on Monday. It’s a LONG day chemo, so I may spend the night on the Sunday before or just leave at 5am on Monday so that she can leave and be in her own cozy bed that night!

Overall, she has had an amazing recovery from this last round of chemo. It has been magnificent to observe that each consecutive round isn’t necessarily worse than the previous as was the case the last three rounds.

"Remember mom, red isn’t here, it’s really just pink" – Autumn’s quote of the day!

PS - Thank you Uncle Bob for my Starbuck’s card, I always love those!

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