Thursday, October 13, 2011

We arrived early this morning to Cottage. On our way, Autumn was beginning to become anxious, I could tell because she always delays when she's nervous. It takes her a lot longer to get out of the car, to organize her things, to ask about the “what’s” and the “why’s”. After a beautuful ride along the coast, we stepped out of the car and into the hospital waiting room to begin our 12 hour journey.

"Autumn is here!" she exclaimed as she ran in wiggling her bum. She always receives a warm welcome from the nurses here who love her so. She was especially happy to see Nan today, as she is extra sweet with her and they just have a very loving way of being together!

Just before lunch, two ladies where standing outside our door whispering something to each other. They entered to explain that they were from the lunch room and were here to see if there was anything that we neede (a lot like room service!). Offering Autumn a lunch and dinner menu, they proceeded with loads of questions about her. I have never seen those specific ladies before, however they seemed very kind. The lady who seemed more in charge let me know that she was a “three-bag platelette donor”. All of the platelettes that she donates are given back to Cottage, right were Autumn has had plenty of platelette transfusion. It was fun to think that a part of her was now part of Autumn! So many people on this planet really do want to help one another, it was great to see that manifested so clearly!

In went the Vinchristine. It's the one that makes her jonts really hurt. :( It is a short push and doesn't take long to administer, but the effects last a few days. Next came the Cyclophosphamide followed by Doxorubicin, what a crazy cocktail. Her pee turned red after the last one. It looked precariously like blood, so that scared her at first.

The chemo only takes about 2 hours, but the pre-hydration and post-Mesna are the time comsumers. Mesna in a sense "cleans-up" some of the damage that the chemo has done.

There are perks to spending some time in a hospital, fist of all, one is never bored! We were visited by Abby,an airedale with very translucent eyes (cataracts). THe ladies from the “Teady Bear Cancer Foundation” also came for a visit and to bring crayons, stickers and notebooks to color. All day long the nurses are takng temperatures, blood pressure, hyrating Autumn, lots of things need to happen all the time. They all have their own way of remembering what each patient needs, as they are all different and have come in at different times of the day.

We are lying here now, waiting for her last Mesna dose then we can make our journey back home. As she is sitting her, lying on my legs, I can trace my finger over her thin shoulder where I feel the lines that are the tubes from her port that enter her blood direct, so bizzare yet beautiful is our modern technology!

"Pobre Autumn, she has to do everything, but she's brave enough to do it." - Autumn

“If I eat one more goldfish, I’m going to barf.” - Autumn

“I saw the most awesomest things in my eyes, wow!” - Autumn following her Adavan intake...what oh what did she see?

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