Monday, October 10, 2011

A beautiful day it was here in SLO, it is such a marvelous place to raise kids. Although I love big cities and all they have to offer in terms of music, culture and arts, I am thankful to be out of an environment that could be mistaken for a rat-race, that may be more than I could handle at this moment!

Autumn was able to see the shoe on the other foot today as she joined me on my lovely yearly womanly exam. She had all sorts of questions since of course, they often test for various types of cancer. I had to have blood drawn and blood pressure taken, things so recognizable and routine to Autumn. She kept asking why we were there at another “hospital” and not at one that she was familiar with. It was nice it wasn’t her for once!

Autumn went to visit her preschool for just an hour today, she loved it! It gave me a moment to find a close coffee shop to do some grading, exciting I know! She misses her friends dearly and I cannot wait for the day she can return to them!

On to tomorrow and the lab draw. It should help us have a better picture of her remaining weeks and the road map we’ll create to make it there!

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