Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn and I took a slow morning today, that was nice! We went down to the coffee shop to have a bagel (sesame, her favorite!) and happened to meet the mom of a friend of Autumn’s. Instantly she wanted a play date and couldn’t understand why the little girl was not available to play at that moment. So hard to explain to kids that life is full of so many things, unfortunately which do not always consist of play dates! Perhaps that is why adults are so often unhappy…not enough play dates.

We are off to SB again tomorrow for her Vinchristine. Just a small “push”, seems so benign doesn’t it? I am hoping we can visit Autumn’s friend Daisy, she had the exact same type of cancer that Autumn had, Wilm’s. It would be great for them to remain friends for years to come, Daisy is now 7 and Autumn is almost 5…what on earth do you think they’ll remember from these crazy times?

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