Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lots of people have been commenting on how much energy Autumn has, it’s wonderful! Sometimes I can forget that she is a four year old girl, going through all the changes that apply. Earlier today, she had a play date with her friend Rio, so that made her very happy and quite upbeat for the remainder of the afternoon. When she is doing well and not having heavy chemo, I attempt to see friends and have her visit school once in awhile so she feels like herself and not like someone being punished.

The interactions that children have with one another reinforces the notion that we really do need each other, even if we need down time every so often as adults (and even as kids!). I love going to a park or any public place with Autumn, she will make a new friend in about half a minute whether it be with another adult or a kid, she just wants to have fun and enjoy this life!!

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