Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh the politics of a hospital! I suppose any large organization has its trials and tribulations, but gees, really?!? Every time we have traveled though the automatic double doors in the Outpatient Unit at Sierra Hospital, there is an unexpected surprise. I realize that they have been going through computer changes which always take time, but the main issue I have had seems to be with admin. Sure, there are 15 different people who work there on a regular basis, so it feels inconsistent, but everything is IN the computer, shouldn’t that help??

We were finally able to have Autumn’s doctors in Santa Barbara send a “standing order” to the hospital in SLO (Sierra)…which took effect a week ago. This past Monday went without major incident, fabulous! However, when we returned today, we discovered that for one, the pediatric floor was actually closed!! Is that possible? Not a sick kid in SLO…FABULOUS again! Never quite saw that coming. Lora agreed to see us, and I assured her that we were in the system, no problem, easy as pie. BUT…that was not the realized case. We made our way to the second floor only to discover that we were NOT in the system, no paperwork, nothing! UGGHHHH! I had a talk with the Director, she seemed sympathetic, but who knows. Is it because we are in a small hospital in a small town? Not really sure but I do know that it was highly unprofessional and aggravating to say the least. Maybe it’s just me, perhaps I have to let steam off in some way and this is the only way I feel I am able.

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